Our Lessons

Professional vocal tuition with an experienced singing teacher and performer.

My lessons help students of all ages and abilities reach their full vocal potential.

Specifically I will help you learn through the music that you are passionate about, as well as looking at techniques used in different styles of singing and music to develop your vocal strength and tone. Depending on your entry level we will learn and explore different vocal exercises to help you progress the best way possible. Looking at the theory side of things is also an important step in understanding how to sing, as well as music as a whole.

The best way to build your confidence and really develop as a singer is to put into practice what you learn during our lessons, continuing to work on your songs at home. The lessons will always be a no pressure environment where you are allowed to make mistakes, learn about your voice and explore new vocal ideas, so you can progress at your own pace in a space where you can build confidence in your voice. I can also provide you with information about the local music scene if you do decide to take up singing professionally, I have great experience in this field and will be happy to help you anyway I can. I can also offer assistance with the development of original music, including songwriting and composition - you can hear some of my personal performances in the video below:

Don't hesistate to get int touch via info@singinglessonspreston.com to book your first lesson or to ask any questions about any of the above. I look forward to hearing from you!

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